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Plant a seed, change the world

Welcome to Alfrea!

Our vision here is simple: A world in which all people have access to local, sustainably-grown food.

While our vision may be simple our mission is big: Inspire a worldwide movement toward a sustainable food economy that empowers everyone to grow, harvest, preserve and share locally-grown food.

Why? Because fresh tomatoes taste amazing. Gardening saves money, and small-scale farming can be profitable. And eating fresh, locally-grown food improves your health and helps heal the planet. We want to live in a world where everybody has access to sustainably-grown food. We’re hoping you do, too.

We make farming and gardening easy

The thing is, farming and gardening can be tough. You need land, sometimes you need help, and what if you have a bunch of extra tomatoes at the end of the season? Alfrea is designed to help new and experienced farmers and gardeners meet each of these challenges. We connect you with landowners, helpers, and a farmer's market where you can sell extra food.

Along the way, we support local farm and garden-related businesses by helping them connect with customers in their community. Our innovative platform allows farm and garden designers, farm and garden builders, landscapers, master gardeners, compost experts and laborers to reach people who need their services. From established businesses to weekend side-hustles, we have room for everyone.

We want to make it possible for everybody to eat locally-grown food, every day

It’s a big crazy dream, sure. But we’re a scrappy bunch. Join us!

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