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We love talking to our customers and we are always looking to improve.

Customer Service: 866.343.4662

The fundamental principles of Alfrea's philosophy are growth and community. We aim to bring individuals together, not just to raise livestock and tend gardens, but to grow communities. We want to foster relationships. This applies to those we connect through our service, and to Alfrea itself.

Your feedback is instrumental in helping us evolve as the premier land sharing web service. We want to continue to grow along with you and the gardens you create. We want to be sustainable and to remain relevant to those of you who support us and use our site. To do so, we need your help.

Let us know if you think we are doing a good job, or if there is room for improvement. If there are features you would like to see on the site that are not currently available, let us know. Do you want to see a blog post covering a certain topic, more calendar events in your area, or better listings for spaces? Tell us!

Alfrea is a community both digital and organic. We aspire to work not just for you, but with you, to grow something together. We invite you to help us achieve our goals, just as we help you achieve yours.

Please email us at Alfrea Customer Support. We will respond within 24 hours.