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Alfrea FAQ

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Welcome to our FAQ page, where we try really hard to make sure you have the help and information you need, all in one place. Here you’ll find basic information about how to use Alfrea.com – from garden sharing to selling food through our online farmers’ market, it’s all here. We also answer common membership and billing questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, just drop us a line at support@alfrea.com and we will get back to you with an answer!


Where does the name "Alfrea" come from?

Alfrea is made up of two words, area and alfresco. The definition of alfresco is "in the open air". The combination of the two is an area in open air which relates to one of our goals of finding land for people to grow food.


How do I license land? 

First let's discuss the legal language. Yes our attorney made us do it. : )

What is a license? A license is not a lease, but a mere privilege to enter upon the designated land for a specific purpose for a defined time and at a set price.

In order to license land you must sign up for a free membership with Alfrea. After you search our site for the land that fits your needs and you find it, it is time to pick the dates which you need the land and click the Rent! Button. This will send a request to the landowner who will then get back to you with the details of the transaction.


How do I Sell my Fresh Grown Food 

In order to sell your food you must sign up for an Individual or Business membership. Once you have either of these memberships you can begin selling your food. Click post a listing and follow the steps until your listing is successfully posted. Remember: You have to keep track of your own inventory and the expiration dates of your items.


How do I Hire Services?

In order to hire services you must sign up for at least a Free Membership. When you are ready to hire find the right service provider for you and click Hire!


How do I post my services

To post your services you must have an Individual or Business membership. Post a listing telling your future employer what you can do for them. Let them know your rate of pay and when you are available. Having a picture helps the person who will employ you to feel more secure when hiring you. Please limit the services posted to gardening/farming/landscaping tasks.


How can I connect with local farmers or people with fresh produce?

You want fresh produce? We have it here! Search our listing for local food near you. Click on the food you want to purchase pay for it and pick it up at your convenience.


Remember: As an Alfrea policy you must do all transactions through the Alfrea portal. All messages are screened to ensure no personal information is passed until a payment has been made.


How do I cancel my subscription? 

We are sad to see you go! We we hope you had a successful time growing and sharing with us. To cancel your subscription, simply send an email to support@alfrea.desk-mail. Please write “Subscription Cancellation” in the subject line, and be sure to include your name and email address. We would love to know why you’re cancelling, so we can make Alfrea better! You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours that your subscription was canceled.

If you cancel in the middle of a month, your account will be downgraded to a free user when the month ends.


When will I be billed for the month?  

You will be billed for your first month on the day you sign up, and on the same day every month thereafter. For example, if you sign up on June 17, you will be charged for the first month on June 17. In the the following months you will be billed July 17, August 17, and so on. We do not bill retroactively. If you have questions about your billing, please contact us a support@alfrea.desk-mail.com with the subject “Billing Question.” Please provide your name, email and a short description of the problem so that we can look into the issue further.


When can I cancel? 

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  We do not offer refunds, so if you cancel in the middle of the month, your account will be downgraded when the month ends. Once you are downgraded to a free user, all of your listings will be deactivated.  


Can I get a refund if I change my mind right away? 

If you change your mind within 48 hours of signing up, we will refund you for your subscription, in full.  Listings posted during those 48 hours will be removed. 


Can I get a refund if no one rents my land, hires my services or buys my food? 

No. We do not guarantee that someone will rent land, hire services or buy food.  


What are my transaction limits? 

If you are an individual user you can have up to 25 listings at any given time, if you are a business user you can have up to 500 listings at any given time. If you think you received a listing limit message in error, please contact us at support@alfrea.desk-mail with the subject “Listing Limit.” Please provide your name and e-mail so that we can look into your problem.


What is your posting policy? What can't I post? 

Alfrea was designed to build your community and strengthen your local food economy. We ask that you only post organic, homegrown food, land that belongs to you and services you provide yourself. You cannot rent out land that you do not own. You cannot sell food you have not grown yourself, or services you do not provide yourself. Please don’t post anything illegal or offensive. The Alfrea team works around the clock reading and editing listings, and Alfrea reserves the right to remove posts it deems unacceptable, for whatever reason. We do not offer refunds if posts are removed due to a violation of posting policy. 


I don’t have land. Can I rent out the containers on my porch, or the back of my truck? 

You can rent out anything in which someone can plant and grow a viable garden. Be creative! We love to see new things pop up for rent on Alfrea. As long as it belongs to you, you can rent it out!