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Here at Alfrea we match people who want to grow food with people who have land to spare. It’s the heart of what we do. After all, you can’t grow your own food without some soil to call your own.

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Who might need a space to grow food? Well, let’s see, for starters we have:

  • Urbanites who live in high-rise buildings
  • Folks looking to start a community garden
  • Would-be farmers looking for a plot of land to start out
  • Prolific backyard or family gardeners who need more space
  • Guerilla gardeners looking for a space to call their own

And who might want to earn some money from unused land?

  • Busy folks with a backyard they never use
  • Developers with unused inner city lots
  • Rural landowners with acres to spare
  • Governments holding unused land they would like to put to better use

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And finding land is free. Join Alfrea and start searching for your garden space today.

People who offer space on Alfrea pay a small membership fee. Check out our oh-so-affordable rates and start earning income from the land you never use.

Did we mention that we also help people find help to grow food? We can even help you buy and sell locally-grown food in our Market!

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