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I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to have my own business.

I knew someday that I would but there were always things I let stand in my way. And I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. One day I decided I should do something that I enjoy doing – cooking!! If you know me you would know that I love to cook for friends, family and enjoy everyone standing around in the kitchen. With the support and encouragementof my family & friends RelishThis was started. So my venture begins.

I take great pleasure making the zucchini relish and preserves and creating new recipes.

It is hard for me to not talk about my business and how much fun it is to meet the customers. I hope you enjoy my homemade Pennsylvania products.

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I tried the Zucchini and Pepper Relish. Delicious. A little hot and a little sweet. Just perfect.

I look forward to trying the Raspberry Jam as well.

David W about listing Hot Zucchini Relish 11 months ago.
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Joylyn was great. We had some technical challenges and she was patient with us. Then she fulfilled the order quickly.

David W about listing Hot Zucchini Relish 11 months ago.