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Farmer's market, local food, local produce, local food market

Farmer's Market, local food, local produce, local food market

Set up a corner food stand on Alfrea

Earning income right away. Our customers are seeking local fresh food.

Here’s how it works

  1. Join Alfrea
    Join as an individual or business to post your products. You can cancel at any time.

  2. Post your food
    You decide the amount to charge and include that price in your posting along with a photo, profile information about you and details about your product. Customers will be able to connect with you through the Alfrea website and choose your product.

  3. Begin earning income
    Your customer’s payments to you will be deposited directly into the account you listed when you signed up for your membership.

It's that easy. Let's get started!

Join Alfrea to post your food

Just click the link below to become a member. And once you are signed in, click Post Listing in our top menu bar to post your product in the market.

Join Alfrea

Stay connected

If you’re not quite ready, we understand, but stay connected to your local food economy. Join Alfrea as a free member and you’ll be able to browse our site and receive our newsletter.

Stay connected

Below is a sample of what the marketplace looks like. This image is not active / clickable.